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NEW YORK — The Boston Celtics didn’t get a chance to see Cheap Kyrie Irving Jersey China in what was supposed to be his return to Boston on Wednesday night.

They did, however, get a chance to see him at the conclusion of the Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys China‘ 112-107 victory here Friday afternoon, with several of his former teammates — along with his replacement, Cheap Kemba Walker Jersey China — going over to give him a hug after he sat out for the eighth straight game with a right shoulder impingement.

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When asked about seeing Irving postgame, all of them said they are ready to move on from talking about him.

“I mean, there is no hard feelings,” said Marcus Smart, one of the players who went over and greeted Irving at center court after Boston’s loss. “I didn’t hug Kyrie to get on TV. That’s two guys that are trying to make a living for their families being professional athletes. That’s my brother, regardless of what he did. He works hard.

“Quite frankly, I’m really, honestly, tired of hearing about Kyrie. Kyrie is no longer with the Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys China, and it’s a slap across the face of everybody on this team that’s here now to keep hearing Kyrie’s name, because every one of these guys have put in the work and we continue to put in the work and we are here and still competing and yet everybody, including the Boston fans, want to talk about Kyrie. Let’s talk about the Boston Celtics.”


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Smart, who has been playing through a sprained left ring finger that he again aggravated during Friday’s loss, was as frustrated with the injury and his own play (15 points on 4-for-13 shooting, including 1-for-6 from 3-point range) as he was with the Irving questions. That said, for all of the buildup and attention that was paid to his anticipated return Wednesday — including the fans chanting about him during the game, despite him not being in the building, let alone on the court — Irving continues to have good relationships with several players on the team, including Smart, Walker and Jayson Tatum.

And, while they’ve understood why his expected return was a story, they shrugged over the significance of saying hello to him postgame.

“It was just good to see him,” Walker said. “I haven’t seen him in a while, obviously. I just told him to get healthy. He asked me how I’m liking it and told me to enjoy it. That was really it. Asked me have I been back to the Bronx. That was really it. Asked how’s my family. He knows my family, as well. I know his dad, so just kind of that conversation. Me and Kyrie are good friends.

“I mean, it’s nothing to really talk about, you know? I know there’s been some stuff between the fans and him. Hopefully that can be over. We need to just move past it at this point. It’s over.

“He’s here in Brooklyn, and I’m here now in Boston.”

No one in Boston was closer with Irving than Tatum, the fellow Duke product who is represented by agent Jeff Wechsler, who was Irving’s longtime agent until he changed representation this summer. And although several players came over to talk to Irving, none spent as long talking to him as Tatum did.

“I talk to him all the time, but I haven’t seen him since the summer,” Tatum said. “So it was good to see him. I ain’t seen him in a long time.”

Still, he doesn’t expect things to change whenever Irving makes his Boston debut — despite reiterating that there’s no ill will toward him.

“I don’t know,” Tatum said. “Boston fans [are] tough. We ain’t got no hard feelings towards him. It’s still all love.

“But I don’t know. We’re gonna see when they come back to Boston.”

As for Irving’s return to the court, it remains to be seen when that will happen. After Irving sat out for an eighth straight game with that right shoulder impingement, Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said postgame that he has begun on-court work, which the coach called “a real positive sign for us.”

He added, however, that Irving is out for Sunday’s home game against the Miami Heat and that the team would “see going forward” about his status after that.

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NEW YORK — Sleepy-eyed Brooklyn Nets players, still recovering from the 12-hour time difference, practiced Wednesday for the first time since returning from their preseason trip to China.

Four days removed from their second and final game there against the Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys China, Nets players said they were ready to put the trip behind them.


“It’s tough to block everything out,” Caris LeVert said. “But at the end of the day we’re human and we see those things. We just try to stick together as much as we could and focus our sights on the game.”

The trip wasn’t what players expected.

While the Nets flew to Shanghai, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey sent out a tweet supporting protestors in Hong Kong that created turmoil between China and the NBA. Community events there were canceled, posters promoting the Nets-Lakers games were stripped from the sides of buildings, the league went into crisis PR mode, and there was talk of the games being canceled.


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LaVert said he never saw Morey’s tweet, but heard about it upon landing.

The Nets have a unique tie to all of this; owner Joe Tsai lives in Hong Kong. Harris said the team spent time with Tsai on the trip and attended dinners at restaurants he recommended.

Tsai released a statement on Facebook reacting to Morey’s tweet. It read, in part, “When I bought controlling interest in the Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys China in September, I didn’t expect my first public communication with our fans would be to comment on something as politically charged and grossly misunderstood as the way hundreds of millions of Chinese NBA fans feel about what just happened.”

“Supporting a separatist movement in a Chinese territory is one of those third-rail issues, not only for the Chinese government, but also for all citizens in China.”

Joe Harris said on Wednesday that Tsai suggested players “read the post and take it from there.” Harris declined to get into specifics of the private meetings.

“Joe had a lot of stuff planned,” Harris said. “We had great dinners. The team bonding. There was a lot of good opportunities to hang out. We weren’t caught up with a lot of the stuff going on.”

While players have returned to the states, the long-term implications of Morey’s tweet and the NBA’s relationship with China remains in question. If permanently damaged, players could lose money as China has been a hot spot for shoe sales.

Harris, who signed a two-year, $16 million deal with the Nets before last season, said he isn’t concerned.

“Personally, I already get paid way too much to play a game. I’m not too worried about it,” he said.

Sources told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin that Nets point guard Cheap Kyrie Irving Jersey China was among those who spoke with commissioner Adam Silver in China amid the fallout from Morey’s tweet. Irving, sources told McMenamin, said he was there to play basketball games, and if a requirement for those games was dealing with the fallout that Morey’s tweet created, he would rather not play at all.

Irving declined to speak to reporters Wednesday, but did participate in practice.

“We’re just focused on the season now,” LeVert said. “That’s kind of behind us. We’re back here, our first regular-season game is next week. So that’s kind of what we’re focused on right now.”